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Capital Colours excels as masterbatch manufacturers, providing superior color solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures masterbatches that enhance and elevate your products. Trust Capital Colours for vibrant excellence.

Capital Colours manufactures a wide range of premier quality masterbatches for all resins like PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET, PC, PMMA and PA etc for various applications with a production capacity of 6000 MT per annum.

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In today’s competitive environment, we provide right solutions to the customers with value added products to ensure growth and benefits. Please Explore Our Sitemap to know more.

About Us

Why Capital Colors


Strong Colours and Additives for thermoplastic Material in Extrusion


Masterbatch with wide range of Colours with Quick colour change for easy processing.


Masterbatches with high dispersion and consistent supply


Our Products

Color masterbatches


Our white Masterbatches are formulated to ensure optimum opacity and precise shade of white for your specific needs. We engineer to incorporate wide range of additives such as UV stabilizer, Antistatic, Antioxidants, mold release etc.

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We offer a wide selection of colour Masterbatches for all applications. We will work persistently to find your product requirements with Our technical expertise,spectrophotometer colour matching system, blending and extrusion equipments help to ensure that our colour Masterbatches consistently meet the highest quality standards.

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additive masterbatches
White masterbatches


Capital Colours offers a wide range of Black masterbatches in PE for various applications. Our Black Masterbatches are formulated to ensure optimum dispersion for your specific needs.

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Our Filler masterbatches are in PE, PP and POE for various applications. These Masterbatches are formulated to ensure optimum dispersion for your specific needs at higher dosages

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Black masterbatches
Yellow masterbatches


Antioxidants often called heat stabilizers are organic compounds that inhibit or retard polymer oxidation and its degrading effects causing Loss of physical properties, Discolouration, Surface cracking, Change in viscosity etc.

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We are offering various speciality masterbatches in all PE and PP resins - Granite/Marble Masterbatches - Fluorescent Masterbatches - Pearlescent Masterbatches - Metallic Masterbatches

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Yellow masterbatches

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