Antioxidant Masterbatch

Antioxidant masterbatch manufacturers in India

Exposure to the elements causes oxidation that produces free radicals which in turn damages the plastic over time. Antioxidant masterbatch is used to minimize the degradation of plastic/polymer products due to heat and oxygen. It makes the plastic product much stronger, durable and improves its processibility. Plastic has a wide range of applications because of its unique build and property. It is used in every known industry such as automotive, health, packaging, electronic, etc. in some form or the other. With the increased dependency on plastic-based products and components, it has become imperative to ensure the raw materials procured to make these products are properly treated with all necessary additives and other performance-enhancing compounds.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for this requirement, several companies specialise in manufacturing a variety of masterbatches including the antioxidant masterbatch. Among these, Capital Colours is one of the fast-growing companies that have a huge portfolio of masterbatches to suit every requirement conceivable. Just in case you are not able to find a match, we can also custom-build it for you. All you have to do is drop a sample with us. At Capital Colours, we are backed with the latest technology, superior manufacturing processes, and high-grade raw materials to help our customers in acquiring the right masterbatches as per their requirements. Our transparent business policies and a team of sales professionals ensure we forge strong alliances that will last years to come.

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