Biodegradable masterbatch exporters


Capital colours are leading Biodegradable masterbatch exporters in India,Hyderabad. Today’s customers are demanding that polymers used in manufacturing be biodegradable .It is overbearing that manufacturers, especially those in the plastics industry, push towards sustainability and renewability of their products, and implement creativities to reduce their carbon footprint. To maintain optimal product atmosphere, we,Biodegradable masterbatch exporters have a leaning to use superior grade packaging material that is non-toxic.

Biodegradable masterbatch exporters is made by ecologically friendly materials.This biodegradable masterbatch is cool to process on all types of machines. It changes plastic products into soil-like dust. This dust then undertakes more degradation in open landfill underneath sunlight, humidity, microorganisms and temperature. Finally, the plastic products will manure into natural organic soil without any disturbing insects, plants, vegetation, air etc...

  • The foods and health morals in the our product is non-toxic gathering the international foods and health values.
  • Do not enclose corn starch, good technology in manufacture, do not disturb the material process and automated property.
  • When adding Biodegradable Masterbatches in plastic products, the uncontrolled plastic products can be rotten in the natural environment.
  • suitable for compostable treatment.
  • Anti-static easy for printing and smooth is handling.