Biodegradable masterbatch manufacturer

biodegradable masterbatch manufacturer

Capital Colours is one of the leading Biodegradable masterbatch manufacturer in plastic application industries.The influence of plastics on the environment is now a worldwide concern. Disposal methods are restricted, while its usage is increasing. Plastics are necessity for our current society. Living without plastics is nearly impossible. Increasing concern among people about this problem has enthused interest in the field of biodegradation of polymers.

Biodegradable masterbatch is one of the most recent products developed by our company; it is a different sort of thermoplastic and environmentally-friendly.Our Product,We biodegradable masterbatch Manufacturer can be combined with a wide range of various materials to modify a product with properties perfectly matched to the various application, on the other, they break the material recycling since they really only fragment the plastics

We,Biodegradable masterbatch manufacturer provide the premier contemptible delicate plastic masterbatch within the market; an attempt to resolve the environmental issues of these days. Our company is persistent in forward thinking and providing data on each of the technical and environmental aspects of our trade.Our biodegradable masterbatch products guarantee that waste can be degraded or recycled easily, reducing carbon footprints across the business.

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Suitable for compositable treatment
  • Anti-static easy handling for printing
  • No harmful residues produced
  • The most advanced bio-degradable in the market.
  • It helps to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.
  • Adds value to products and brands
  • The cost-effective method of enhancing and environmental credentials of plastics.
  • It Permits all the performance aspects of your polymer blend to be maintained
  • Products with reverse additives are to be recyclable fully.