Colour Masterbatches Manufacturers In South Africa

Colour masterbatches manufacturers in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most modern and industrialised countries in the African continent which houses many international and local companies that provide several services to the rest of the African countries. The plastic industry, in particular, has seen a steady rise in business because of its wide range of applications starting from a carry bag to automobile and medical equipment. To cater to the ever-increasing demand for good quality plastic, several masterbatch manufacturing companies have set up shops in the country. Masterbatches are solid additives used to colour the plastic and also impart other properties to it such as strength, durability, heat resistance, processability, etc.

Capital Colours is one of the leading colour masterbatches manufacturers in South Africa that provides several options for colour master batches to suit every need. Our masterbatches are made not only meet various industrial requirements but also adheres to several regulatory requirements for our international clients. We also take orders which are customised as per our client’s instructions. Our masterbatches are made of high-quality pigments and a superior manufacturing process that meets various quality parameters. We emphasise the successful assimilation of technology, skill, and commitment to meet any challenges thrown at us in this ever-changing business landscape. Being a leading colour masterbatches manufacturers in South Africa is only incidental, our goal is to become a brand that is known for excellence in this line of business.

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