Inorganic Color Masterbatches

color masterbatches suppliers in India

Inorganic color masterbatches are made by simple chemical reactions. This pigment plays an important role in giving your final products the desired colour. Additionally, these masterbatches also affect your final products processibility, physical attributes, and compliance. Depending on the specific requirement, the components of the masterbatch is mixed accordingly. With rapid industrialisation, the demand for high-quality plastic products has reached a record high. As a result, several companies specialising in masterbatches operate in full capacity to meet this ever-increasing demand.

Capital Colours is one of the most sought-after manufacturers of inorganic color masterbatches that offers a wide variety of options for its clients. Not only do we provide standardised options that cover several industries, but we can also customise the masterbatches according to the requirement. Better raw material, superior technology, adherence to quality parameters, and understanding the customer’s needs is the key to delivering solutions that will remain relevant for years to come. Although a new entrant into the business, we have built a team from the ground up with skills sets to complement each other and most importantly; to be able to work as a single cohesive unit. Get ahead of the curve.

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