Masterbatch Exporter

Masterbatch exporter

PP Filler Masterbatch

Masterbatch has a very wide range of applications in the plastic industry; it is essentially used to give a particular colour to the end product while also boosting the chemical and physical properties of the item. In addition to making your products look better; it also makes the product more durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions along with other enhanced physical properties. With the opening of the economy in the 90s, India has become a hub for several masterbatch exporter that cater to both domestic and international clients. One of the reasons why India-based masterbatch exporters are highly sought-after is because of its top quality products while maintaining a very competitive price.

Capital colours is dynamic, new, and ground-breaking masterbatch exporter based out of Telangana. Equipped with a portfolio of a wide variety of masterbatches, we deliver products to suit every requirement. Additionally, our products undergo rigorous checks mandated by our clients and other governing bodies to ensure they meet international quality parameters. We also work closely with our clients to identify their needs and provide them with workable solutions that will not only address current needs but also future requirements. At Capital Colours, our goal is not only to become the most sought after masterbatch manufacturer for clients across the globe but also to raise standards and help create a system that works for every stakeholder’s benefit. Get to know us more.

  • Exceptional Dispersion
  • Surface Smoothness
  • Good Weather ability
  • Stable Performance
  • Security and tight controlling demands
  • Market achievement & shelf presence

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