Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Premier Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Capital Colours Is a Premier Optical Brightener Masterbatch Manufacturer. Optical brightener masterbatch is added in polymers to reduce yellowness, improve its whiteness and add more brightness to the product. In addition to that, this masterbatch can be used to make the polymer more resistant to UV rays, strong, and durable too.Optical brightener masterbatch is widely used for packaging purposes in addition to other areas with various applications. Plastic/Polymers are used in virtually everything we see and touch; as a result, the demand for masterbatches to improve the quality of the finished product also increases proportionately.

India is a hub for several organisations which deal in plastic/polymer products on a global scale. They adhere to several quality parameters and product specifications for a wide number of clients. Capital Colours is among the most reputed organisations specialising in a big portfolio of masterbatches that includes optical brightener masterbatch. Our quality and service are backed by a team of professionals and clients who will vouch for our commitment, expertise, and the quality of our work. Our key to success is in developing a collaborative approach to tackle challenges and provide solutions for our clients that will remain relevant for many years to come. Find out more about us. Visit Also: Black Masterbatches

  • Exceptional Dispersion
  • Surface Smoothness
  • Good Weather ability
  • Stable Performance
  • Security and tight controlling demands
  • Market achievement & shelf presence

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