Slip Masterbatch Suppliers

Top 10 slip masterbatch suppliers in India

Looking for slip masterbatch suppliers who can meet a range of requirements you have in your wishlist? – Look no further, Capital Colours at your service. We are a new, dynamic, and ground-breaking masterbatch manufacturing company with a huge portfolio of masterbatches for you to choose from. Also, we provide customised masterbatches for our clients as per their preferences.

Our masterbatches are made of high-grade components that enhance the quality and functionality of your products. Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality checks and inspections to ensure consistency in make and build. Top-of-the-line technology and customer engagement are the benchmarks of our success that allows us to make a mark for ourselves in a fast-moving and challenging industry. Despite being a relatively new entrant to the business, we have built a team of experienced staff from the ground up who work in tandem with the clients to understand their requirements better and deliver exactly what’s needed and then some more. As one of the leading slip masterbatch suppliers in the country, our goal is not merely to make it big in the business but also to become a brand that is synonymous with excellence in all fields of the business.

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