Additive Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

Additive masterbatches are used in several thermoplastic applications which enhance the existing properties of commodity and engineering plastics. It contains organic compounds that inhibit or retard polymer oxidation and its degrading effects causing loss of physical properties, discolouration, surface cracking, and change in viscosity etc. This also helps in enhancing the appearance of the product making it stand out with its vibrant colour. Depending on the requirement,additive masterbatches can be developed to fit the client’s specifications

Capital Colours is a leading manufacturer of several masterbatches to address a wide range of requirements for its clients. We strongly emphasize on the successful assimilation of technology, skill, and commitment to meet any challenges thrown at us in this ever-changing business landscape. Our products also go through numerous checks mandated by our clients before they are rolled out of our floors to ensure quality and consistency. In addition to the advancements we have had over the years, our key strength lies in engaging the customers and delivering solutions that will remain relevant for many years to come. We don’t just deliver products that are top-of-the-line, cost-effective and reliable; we exceed expectations and boundaries. Make the most of our expertise.

  • Exceptional Dispersion
  • Surface Smoothness
  • Good Weather ability
  • Stable Performance
  • Security and tight controlling demands
  • Market achievement & shelf presence

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