Masterbatch Company In South Africa

Top 10 masterbatch company in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in the African continent with several industries setting up shops in the recent decades. With rapid globalisation and the opening up of economies, South Africa has also taken the plunge and has become a hub for several manufacturing companies that cater to the entire continent. With rapid industrialisation, the demand for plastic/polymer products has increased many folds. Plastic products and their components are one of the most used products in our daily lives and have several industrial applications. To meet this demand, many companies have opened their offices that specialise in various products and services with relates to the plastic industry.

Capital Colours is an Indian company specialising in the manufacture of masterbatches with multiple international offices across the globe including South Africa. We are the most recognised masterbatch company in South Africa with a wide range of portfolios to offer for several requirements to suit our South African clients. In case you can’t find a match, we custom build it for you. How simple is that! We also adhere to all quality parameters and regulatory requirements set by our clients and the government to ensure we deliver only quality products for our clients and ensure we remain transparent and ethical. As one of the top masterbatch company in South Africa, we emphasise creating a symbiotic balance between technology, process, and manpower to deliver results that not only meet quality but keep your budget in mind. To find out more.

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