Colour Masterbatch Suppliers

Top10 colour masterbatch suppliers in India

Colour masterbatch is mainly used for colouring plastics/polymers based on the manufacturer’s requirements. One can use standard colours and shades which are customised based on preferences. It gives good opacity, tinctorial strength, high dispersion, and improves the aesthetics of the end product. With the increased use of plastic/polymer products, there are several colour masterbatch suppliers in the market that cater to a wide range of requirements based on their area of expertise.

Capital Colours is one of the most renowned colour masterbatch suppliers in India with a diverse set of clientele base. As a fast-growing company, we direct our focus on developing our competencies and building on them over time. Although, a new entrant into the business, we have built a team from the ground up with skills sets to complement each other and most importantly; to be able to work as a single cohesive unit to deliver results for our customers. We deliver products that are top-of-the-line, cost-effective, reliable, and can address several needs for the present and future scenario. At Capital Colours, we are in the business of delivering quality technologies and services so we can help in building better lives for all.

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