Master batch manufacturers

Top 10 Master batch manufacturers in India,Hyderabad

Capital colours are a leading Master batch manufacturers of advanced, compatible and amenable applications for the plastic industry. As an experienced most trusted master batch manufacturer we manipulate years of proficiency to bring qualified Industrial Grade master batches for our customers. We offer outstanding quality products and services to its customers therefore manufacturing it one of the most beloved nomenclatures in topmost high-quality master batch manufacturing. We also deliver qualified plastic masterbatch solutions to guaranty an intact colour scheme, responsible grade, and enriched functionality across various polymer types for your products.

Our workforce has access to state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories and equipment, which help them transfer and innovate some of the world’s stylish master batch Manufacturers. Our custom master batch Manufacturers deliver the best balance of excellence, worth, and manufacture efficacy. And you can believe our products because we back all of our products with performance-based testing, design and expert support. Our newly honoured state of the art evolved facilities in Hyderabad, coincidently with our committed team of experts guarantee product quality and demand stipulation to our clients. We concentrate on special Plastic Compounds and Additives for various Master Batch Applications and specialized Master Batches with proud quality and services.

Our collection develops across multiple industries, giving us a wide variety of experience in master batch manufacturers.Some of them listed below

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
  • Electronics
  • High-Performance plastics
  • Medical
  • Packaging & containers

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