Masterbatch Company In India

Masterbatch company in India

India is getting industrialized on a rapid scale since the opening of the economy in the 90s. With industrialisation, there is an increased demand for other ancillary products and services. Among these, the plastic industry, in particular, has grown steadily over the decades which cater to larger companies from the automotive, steel, medical sector and so forth. Capital colours is a leading masterbatch company in India that provides a wide range of masterbatch products for various companies that manufacture plastic products. We provide various masterbatches such as white, black, colour, filler, additive masterbatches, etc. We have a portfolio of thousands of masterbatches to meet a wide range of requirements. And in any case, if you are unable to find the right match, we will match that for you.

We are backed with the latest technology, superior manufacturing processes, and high-grade raw materials to help our customers in acquiring the right masterbatches as per their requirements. In addition to all of that, we are backed by transparent business policies and a team of sales professionals who help in establishing strong alliances that will last years. And for these reasons, we are without a doubt a top masterbatch company in India.

  • Exceptional Dispersion
  • Surface Smoothness
  • Good Weather ability
  • Stable Performance
  • Security and tight controlling demands
  • Market achievement & shelf presence

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