Non Woven Colour Masterbatches

Non Woven Colour Masterbatches

Capital colours provide Non woven Colour Masterbatches practically for every Thermoplastic Applications. Our Masterbatches add Value and Visual Appeal to your finish products. Your products is highly decorated with our Colour Master batches. Our products will accomplish to the best on all the numerous limitations of Very High Colour Strength, Outstanding Dispersion, Identical Granule Size, Finish and Others.

Our Colour masterbatches are made with state of the art knowledge and equipments to get outstanding spreading and processability on high speed lines of Non Woven colour masterbatches. Non woven colour masterbatch widely used in many plastic products,non-woven fabrics, etc., can also make this products with long-term antibacterial, has become an essential daily necessities.

Features of Non woven Colour Masterbatches

  • High Light Stronghold which gives bright colours and no fading
  • High polish as no fillers are added in the masterbatches
  • Base raw material used is PP, with good flow
  • High quality parameters are preserved to give steadiness from batch to batchs
  • Excellent Spreading with low FPV