Oxo biodegradable masterbatch

Oxo biodegradable masterbatch

Capital colours is well known manufacturers and exporters of oxo biodegradable masterbatch in India,Hyderabad.Waste management segment looks major challenges. Solutions are desirable for a supportable future, as it can take several years for conservative plastics to decay. Capital colours have created Biodegradable Masterbatch which offer an environmental friendly substitute to both plastic manufacturers and customers. This supportable solution adjusts product plastics and guarantees increased environmental duty. The shelf life and service life of oxo biodegradable plastic products can be adapted based on customer requirements extending from a few months to years.

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For our Capital colours,we completely use oxo biodegradable masterbatch as the carrier environment. Testing is a critical feature of subsidiary an oxo-biodegradable product. Capital colours has a state of the art laboratory which is capable of accomplishing oxo biodegradable testing and regulates the suitability of a invention for given applications. Various additive combinations are available in the capital colours product range, all intended to meet the specific technical and color necessities of our customers We can also create precise combination products and distinct tailor-made products for our customer needs.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Avoids the discharge of methane
  • Can be treated on existing equipment.
  • No odour smells after degradation