Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches exporter

Oxo-biodegradable Masterbatches Exporters

Capital colours is well known Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches exporters in Hyderabad. We provide the most inexpensive and topOxo-biodegradable masterbatch in the market, determined to solve the environmental problems of today. We are hardworking in forward thinking and providing data on both the practical and ecological aspects of our industry. Our global and high quality masterbatch is also based on combinations of transition metal salts and metal oxides has capacity to degrade and then biodegrade in the open environment.

The standard Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches exporters will degrade in the existence of oxygen abundant quickly than normal plastic. The activity of wholesale Oxo-biodegradable plastic is reliable with the behaviour of nature's waste products such as twigs, leaves and straw, which take centuries to biodegrade fully.To maintain our product atmosphere, we have a affinity to use superior grade packing material which is non-toxic Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches plastics will degrade much more quickly. Heat and UV light will quicken the process, but neither they nor moisture are essential.

  • Exclusive Additive based on Transition Metal Salts
  • Initiates degradation of plastics in the presence of oxygen
  • Food safe, Human safe and also Eco-friendly Environment
  • Suitable for most polymers
  • Environmental Friendly, Reduce Litter and Fast Acting
  • Can be processed on existing equipment.
  • No odour smells after deprivation compared to other biodegradable products