oxo biodegradable plastic manufacturers

oxo biodegradable plastic manufacturers

Capital colours is well known oxo biodegradable plastic manufacturers In India, Hyderabad.Plastic is one of the most operative material ever designed for carrying, packing and even shielding our food and other goods. But the fact cannot be unnoticed that usage of Single Use Oxo Biodegradable Plastic waste adversely disturbs the beautiful world of ours. oxo biodegradable plastic take conceit in responding to all those criticisms about plastic being a risk to this planet with our utmost innovation oxo biodegradable plastic.

We, oxo biodegradable plastic manufacturers offer quality compounds that display outstanding properties to attain desired results. With our compounding ability, knowledge and modern facilities, we help you achieve superior quality and process-ability. Addition of oxo biodegradable plastic helps the plastic product to destroy into environment so that plastic waste can go back to earth without achieving our planet.

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oxo biodegradable plastic is tested according to the standards, to prove that it destroys and biodegrades without fetching noxious. Excellent in quality, our offered oxo biodegradable plastic are applicable in various applications. We provides damage-free products to the clients. We are highly in demand among the buyers. Our packing experts keep a strict check on the entire packing technique ensuring the same. We have the right solution for your specific as well as wide-ranging requirements.

  • Imposing Selection with eye catching multi colors
  • Short Life Cycle
  • 100% OXO – Biodegradable
  • Available in various custom-made size