PET Masterbatch Manufacturers

PET Masterbatch Manufacturers

Masterbatch Para PET

Capital Colours are leading PET Masterbatch Manufacturers. We supply high-quality masterbatch Producer for PET Fibres and PET Bottles which meet the exact needs of food/packaging with brilliance in transparency and color strength. Our company Manufactures various masterbatch pet which is the primary choice for many applications such as nutrition and beverage packaging. This masterbatch has many features such as being safe, dependable, lightweight, hard-wearing, and retaining freshness. These colors may be developed during an immense array of bright shades which regularly can't be achieved with ancient pigment/dye technology. We are the foremost Advanced technologies masterbatch Supplier, and manufacturer, of advanced, dependable, and accountable applications for the plastic industry. Over the last few years, we have put advancement and sustainability at the core of our reality.

Our Industrial Grade PET Masterbatch Manufacturers is extremely very successful in the universal market as it provides huge benefits to our customers in terms of color brightness and low dosage levels. We are extremely thriving within the international market as they supply immense advantages to our customers. We distribute high-quality, dependable, cost operative solutions to the current and future requirements of our customers for both standard and specialty solutions.


  • Pesticide Bottles
  • Food Packaging
  • PET Film & Extruded Sheet
  • Pharmaceutical Bottles
  • Oil Bottles
  • Various Beauty Products

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