Single Pigment Concentrates


Capital Colours have developed as one of the most outstanding names in the industry, involved in manufacturing and supplying a complete range of Single Pigment concentrates Masterbatches in Hyderabad. These masterbatches contain high loads of organic and inorganic pigments. They are fully isolated by using superior additives to guarantee best colour and attain cost-efficiency. Combination of more Pigment Concentrates Masterbatches can be used to convey colours to fibres for Textiles, carpets, and fabrics.. These Concentrates are fully detached using high-quality additives to guarantee optimum colour and attain cost-efficiency.

High quality additives are used to give outstanding pigment dispersal properties to these Single Pigment Concentrates Masterbatches. They are available in various resins such as PE, PBT, PP and PET masterbatch. Our products are made with the top quality pigment dispersals with reliable colour-accuracy and run-ability, our masterbatches offer the best in accuracy, efficacy and desirability.

  • Very High Pigment Packing.
  • Outstanding Filter Value.
  • Completely Dispersed.
  • Extraordinary strength, Colour value.
  • Outstanding Lab to Plant Relationship.
  • Cost-effective in Use.
  • High color strength
  • Dust Free Environment