Black Masterbatch Manufacturers

Top 10 black masterbatch manufacturers in India

Black masterbatch is characterised by high jetness, easy processibility, heat and UV stability. It is suitable for films, pipes, fibers, blow moulding and many other applications. Additionally, it can also be customised per the requirement. Capital Colours is one of the leading black masterbatch manufacturers that cater to a diverse set of clients from different industries. Our black masterbatches are made with a finer particle size of carbon black and state of art machinery which gives excellent carbon black dispersion and high jetness value. We have also developed a wide range of Black Master batches based on PE & a universal base.

With the combination of innovative research, a world-class manufacturing plant, and an experienced team, we deliver products that are top-of-the-line, cost-effective, and can cater to the present and future needs of our customers based on their specific needs. As a leading black masterbatch manufacturers, our goal is not to compete but to challenge our limits and become better with time while creating a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders to benefit from.

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